Rog Zephyrus G14 (2022)

Key visual Jual Laptop Asus Medan of ROG Zephyrus G14&lt/Zephyrus G14&gt

Up to AMD Ryzen™ 9 processors and AMD Radeon™ RX 6800S mobile graphics with a MUX Switch fuel this powerhouse machine.

ROG Intelligent Cooling: A custom vapor chamber and liquid metal support 0dB ambient cooling.

ROG Nebula Display™: 16:10 aspect Distributor Laptop Asus Medan ratio, QHD/120hz panel, Pantone® Validation, 100% PCI-P3 and Dolby Vision® HDR.

Upgraded AniMe Matrix™ which sports more vivid animationsas well as new functions and minigames.

Fast charging up to 50% in 30 minutes, 100W USB Type-C charging, and Wi-Fi 6E support.

Quad speakers, a 3D Mic Array for voice capture, and DolbyAtmos® support allow crystal clear audio.Showcase the lid design of ROG Zephyrus G14; Showcase the Toko Laptop Asus Medan upgradedlid design of ROG Zephyrus G14; Showcase the upgraded AniMe Matrixof ROG Zephyrus G14; Showcase the pristmatic film design of ROGZephyrus G14; Showcase the side design of ROG Zephyrus G14;Showcase the bottom design of ROG Zephyrus G14; Showcase the hingedesign of ROG Zephyrus G14.

Created with a physical vapor deposition process, the PrismaticLogo nameplate has a lustrous new holographic hue.

The lid of the machine is covered with14,969precision CNC milled holes.

with1,449mini-LEDs on AniMe Matrix™ models

or aPrismatic Filmgleaming up from beneath adorn the lid.

The flank of the G14 has been revamped for 2022 to lookSlimmer & Stunnerwith clean aesthetics.

The bottom of the machine uses perforated metal, keeping itthin, light, and able to Breathemore easily.

A redesigned indicators highlight the system status and reflect on the diamond pattern of the chassis.

AniMe Matrix™ and Virtual Pet OMNI have both gotten an upgrade. More LEDs meanmore animation possibilities, and OMNI returns with a whole hostof minigames, like the Slot Machine, Shoot’em Up andWhack-A-Mole. The games will also light up the AniMe Matrix™ as youprogress, and getting high scores will unlock more animations forOMNI as he joins you on the desktop.Demonstration of kecil game, shoot’em up.Demonstration of minigame, slot machine.Demonstration of kecil game, whack-a-mole.ENDLESS PERSONALIZATION

Make the Zephyrus G14 Grosir Laptop Asus Medan uniquely yours with customizable animationoptions. Display text messages or system notifications, set thematrix to respond in real time to your audio source, or create acustom animation of your very own.

The merk new 2022 Zephyrus G14 is powered by AMD and Windows 11 out of the box. Featuring new Ryzen™ 9 processors andRadeon™ RX 6800S mobile graphics, this all-AMD powerhouse is ready for any gaming or multitasking you can throw at it. The G14 also leverages AMD technologies like Smartshift and Smart Access Memory for an extra edge. AMD Smartshift allows the CPU and GPU to dynamically allocate power when and where it is needed the most, and AMD Smart Access Memory gives the CPU full access to the GPU’s full VRAM, improving performance in games.

Performance UpliftROG MUX SWITCH

Most modern gaming laptops use powerful, dedicated graphics chips for high performance—but route those frames through the CPU’s integrated graphics before reaching the display for maximum battery life. This prevents your GPU from giving its absolute best performance, which is why we’re bringing a MUX switch to all 2022 ROG laptops. For competitive games, you can enable a direct GPU mode that reduces latency and boosts performance by up to lima-10% on average.AMD SmartShift Max

AMD SmartShift technology allows the CPU and GPU to communicate with each other and allocate power where it’s needed, when it’s needed, on the fly. Guided by machine learning algorithms, SmartShift links the CPU and GPU via the Infinity Fabric so that both components can react quickly to dynamic workloads.AMD Smart Access Memory

Traditional Windows PCs only allow the CPU access to small portions of graphics memory (VRAM) at a time. When paired with AMD RX 6000 series graphics, Smart Access Memory eliminates this bottleneck by allowing AMD Ryzen processors full access to VRAM for improved performance.AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution

AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates in select titles and deliver hight-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences.DDR5 Bandwidth

Leverage the unparalleled data transfer speeds of DDR5to power more responsive gaming and multitasking.High-speed PCIe® Gen 4 SSD Storage

A 1TB PCIe SSD provides zippy boot times, quickergame-loading screens, and general responsiveness acrossthe operating system.

Powerful hardware requires robust cooling, especially in a compact chassis. The Zephyrus G14 packs a vapor chamber for the CPU and GPU with liquid metal thermal compound for ultra-efficient heat transfer from the hottest components. In the Silent operating mode during low power tasks, 0dB technology allows the fans to be automatically disabled for a truly silent experience.Vapor Chamberdissipates heat faster

Compared to conventional heat pipes that only transferheat along their axis, vapor chamber designs spread heatacross their entire surface, creating a wider area forrapid heat dissipation in small spaces. Reducing thetemperature of these power components helps improvelong-term stability and reliability.

HIGHER THERMAL HEADROOM*Image of Zephyrus G14 Vapor ChamberKeep your CPU and GPU cool with Liquid Metal

Image of Zephyrus G14 Liquid Metal0dB Technology, ZeroDistractions

Enjoy truly silent cooling under light workloads with 0dBTechnology. In the Silent operating mode, the coolingsystem switches off all fans during low-power tasks todissipate heat passively. This lets you concentrate onyour work and immerse yourself in movies with lessdistraction. If CPU or GPU temperatures increase, likeduring a gaming session, the fans automatically switch onagain.Filter in. Dust out.

New for 2022, the G14 now features a dust filter for both of its fans. A filter helps to keep dust and fibers from being sucked into the chassis, allowing the CPU to run with 15% more power and the GPU 4% more power compared to machines without a filter after a long time usage. The less dust, the longer your computer can run at peak performance without Supplier Laptop Asus Medan throttling.Upgraded Arc Flow Fans™move more air with less noise

Updated Arc Flow Fans™ feature 84 curved blades specially shaped to maximize airflow with minimal noise. Variable thickness blades, which taper down to just 0.1mm at the tip, reduce turbulence as the fan accelerates air with centrifugal force, giving you up to 32%* increased airflow while staying up to 2db quieter.By reducing the fan axis diameter, the fans of the 2022 G14 have lima% higher airflow than the standard Arc Flow Fans with the same rotation speed.Anti-Dust Tunnels dua.0sustain system longevity

Our upgraded thermal module design features shorteranti-dust tunnels that leave more space around the fan,improving airflow by up to 15%. Preventing the buildupof dust ensures the long-term stability and reliabilityof your system.Variable Blade Thickness designreduces air collision

Our fans use blades of variable thickness and shape,gradually changing from a high to low pressure areabefore expelling air. This reduces turbulence andmaximize airflow efficiency compared to traditional fanblades. This patented new design is made possible by thelatest liquid-crystal-polymer processing technologiesthat allow us to create ultra-thin, strong fan bladesfor increased air intake.0.15mm Ultra Thin Fin for the win

Thermal energy is dissipated by four heatsinks, eachlined with ultra-thin copper fins as slim as 0.15mm.These fins are half the size of typical solutions,allowing for higher density for heat dissipation andlower air resistance to allow for smoother flow. Thereare up to 211 heatsink fins totaling 75,368mm² ofsurface area.Scenario Profiles give you the right cooling at theright time

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